Car interior disinfection guide

So you’ve learned the proper method of washing your hands, you’ve practiced self-quarantining, stayed at home and perfected the art of social distancing! Now what? With things slowly falling back into place and the world adjusting itself to the potential permanence of COVID-19, we need to figure out how to adapt to these changes and also look into car interior disinfectant.

In times of such uncertainty, the other space one can truly feel safe in is their car. For that purpose, it is not only important but exceedingly useful to know how to disinfect your car safely and thoroughly using car interior disinfectant. Anyone who owns a car would know that the interior of a car is far less durable than surfaces present at homes such as bedroom floors or kitchen countertops. So how should you engage in the delicate process of disinfecting your car and ensuring no damage reaches it?

Clean & Wash Car Interior

Start with a good wash! Albeit a pretty obvious notion, most people prefer the easy way out and get straight to disinfection. I agree, breaking down the process into two parts does sound time-consuming. However, you should know that cleaning and washing your car before disinfecting will make the process far easier and also yield better results. Besides, you don’t want to splurge on car disinfectant, right? A thorough wash to get the dirt out of the way should set you up pretty well for a speedy and meticulous disinfection process.

Avoid Strong Chemicals in Disinfectant

Now that you are ready to start disinfecting, under no circumstances should you opt for household cleaning products! We have all gotten used to the disinfectants lying around at home but, they must never be used for a car. Not only are they manufactured using stronger chemicals which will damage your car’s upholstery, but chances are you’ll also have a hard time getting rid of the pungent smell later. Instead of resorting to household cleaning products, opt for an alcohol-based product like our Chemcide Car Disinfectant spray that contains Isopropyl, Alcohol Ethoxylates and other WHO, CDC, NIH and EPA recommended ingredients. Gentle on your car and incredibly potent against viruses and germs, it will make the entire disinfection process a breeze.

High-Contact Surfaces & Touch Points

Ideally, a car disinfectant should be used in every nook and cranny of your vehicle, but areas that are frequently touched should be prioritized. Start with the door handles, both internal and external, and from there move on to the front cabin. Everything within reach of the driver should be sprayed, wiped and scrubbed. Next, focus on passenger accessible areas such as cup holders, armrests and switches. The floor comes right after, followed by the boot latch, lid and interior. Some of the regularly missed spots are seat belts and clips as well as car keys. Make sure you get those as well and you should be good to go!

Opting for a car disinfectant spray such as our Chemcide Car Disinfectant makes your job easier because it gets to areas that you would not normally reach with a simple wipe. Allow the spray to sit for a few minutes before wiping it down to attain the best results.

Once you are done disinfecting your vehicle, make sure to discard of all disposable protective gear such as masks and gloves used during the process. Wash your hands with gentle soap and change your clothes. Most importantly, remember to regularly use your car disinfectant spray to stop the spread of the virus, protect yourself as well as others and help flatten the curve!

Frequently Asked Questions


What areas should I focus on?

Prioritize high contact surfaces such as car handles, seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and mats.

How can I pick the best car disinfectant?

Pick a product that contains potent chemicals but is gentle on your car’s upholstery such as our Chemcide Car Disinfectant which contains ingredients recommended by WHO, NIH, EPA and CDC.

Which products should I avoid?

Steer clear from products that contain bleach, benzene, hydrogen peroxide or other harsh chemicals when disinfecting your vehicle. Instead aim for ammonium or alcohol based disinfectants like the Chemcide Car Disinfectant.

How often should I disinfect my car?

You should disinfect your car’s interior on a daily basis. However, if your car is used by people from different social circles, it is advised to disinfect it after contact with each social circle.

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