Covid proof your wedding this season

All signs indicate that COVID-19 is here to stay and the best way to deal with this situation is to continue leading your life normally while exercising caution. One of the major setbacks that blighted society as a result of this pandemic is the postponement of weddings. Obviously, large gatherings of the sort must not be encouraged and people should steer clear of them. But what if we told you that you could still have a stellar wedding ceremony amidst a global pandemic? That’s right, allow us to tell you how to COVID-proof your weddings this season!
Seeing how wedding celebrations span several days for multiple hours, the best way to ensure the safety of everyone present is to set preventive measures in place for every step of the way. Not only do we provide unique products to tackle this pandemic responsibly, but by using our custom product range you will be able to protect your guests from the very moment they step out of their homes.

Mandate Face Masks

Everyone who is invited to the big day must wear a face covering as soon as they leave their house. There is no question about it! We provide a variety of different face masks to choose from, including fun ones for kids as well. Pick your style and get glammed up!

Disinfect Cars

Ensure that all vehicles that are used by guests to and from the venue contain a car disinfectant. Our Chemcide Car Disinfectant comes in a handy spray bottle that is easy to store in your vehicle for regular usage.

Limit External Risks

Most people aren’t even aware of the number of germs their footwear brings in. We have addressed this issue with our novel PFM Gatekeeper Shoe Sanitization Mat, a one-of-its-kind shoe disinfectant that works wonders. Designed to easily disinfect the bottoms and soles of footwear, the Shoe Sanitization Mat only needs to be installed at your venue. Its dimensions are customizable and it dispenses disinfectant deep into hard-to-reach crevices as soon as it is stepped upon.

Temperature Control Checks

At the venue, make sure to check every guest’s temperature before allowing them entry. Anyone displaying symptoms must not be allowed on-site for the benefit of everyone else. Our advanced PFM Sentry Facial Recognition IR Thermometer will stand guard and monitor attendance and access control while conducting contactless infrared temperature checks.

Sanitize Frequently

Create sanitization stations at the venue for your guests’ convenience. Areas that are more frequented such as entrances, exits, and food stations are great places to start. Our HandiGel Hand Sanitizer bulk packing should keep you covered for the duration of your event.

Act Responsibly

We can only do so much by supplying you with the tools required to stop the spread. The rest is in your hands! Act responsibly and to the best of your abilities assist others in behaving accordingly.

Quit pushing this momentous occasion too far ahead into the future and seize the day! So long as you use the right equipment and gear and employ necessary safety measures, you and your loved ones can celebrate the start of a new beginning with peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I postpone my wedding?

As long as you take the necessary precautions and plan your wedding out responsibly, there is no need to push this momentous occasion further into the future. Exercise caution while celebrating and you and your guests should be just fine.

How can I ensure that all guests follow safety protocols?

A handy bottle of HandiGel Hand Sanitizer at every table and the trusty PFM Gatekeeper at the venue’s entrance will whisk these worries away. Communicate with your guests effectively and make sure they are aware of the necessity of taking the right measures.

What should I do if I discover a guest is showing symptoms?

If at any point you find out someone is displaying symptoms, limit their interaction with other guests and politely ask them to stay at home. This is usually a difficult task to handle but there is nothing more important than the safety of every single one of your guests.

How do I pick the right venue?

Find out if the venue has undergone disinfection via a reputable organization such as Pakistan Facilities Management to ensure that all the right precautions were taken.

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